Unlock Windows 8 Features With Blue Poison

If you want to unlock all the Windows 8 features, you might want to grab Blue Poison, a program released by Windows 8 Italia. More information about unlocking features in Windows 8 after the break.

Windows 8 Blue Poison

For those who don’t want to wait until the program is released, Windows 8 Blue Poison gives a sneak preview of what Microsoft has in the works.

Overview of Windows 8 Blue Poison

Released by Windows 8 Italia, Blue Poison offers the latest and greatest features of Windows 8. Everything from the milestone one build of Windows 8 is available through Blue Poison, even hidden features that were not accessible through Windows 8 Tweaker. It includes the new Ribbon user interface, the metro user interface for logging in, the new task manager, as well as the webcam application. Blue Poison also gives the option of downloading build 7995. The program offers automatic updating for any future improvements or leaks that become available.

Blue Poison

Some of the Risks of Using Windows 8 Blue Poison

Windows 8 Blue Poison is a third party app that has not been developed through Microsoft or any other verified source. As with any unverified program, there is a risk of viruses or malware when downloading the program. Make sure to verify the MD5 hashs!

Unstable system:
In addition, Windows 8 is still being built. Blue Poison offers the latest leaks available, but those leaks are still from the first or second milestone build and are not designed for typical usage. The features of Windows 8 are not fully developed, they may contain bugs, and they definitely won’t work as well as a fully developed program.

For enthusiasts:
For people who don’t want to wait until the official release for Windows 8, 8 Blue Poison is perfect. It gives users access to all the leaked features and will even automatically update as new features arrive on the scene. However, using Windows 8 Blue Poison is risky, so it may be best to attempt the download on a computer that is not particularly important and as always, remember to back everything up before downloading.

Metro UI: A New User Interface for Windows 8

From the leaks available through Blue Poison and other downloads, it appears as though Microsoft will continue to use the Metro UI for the login screen. It also seems as though they are experimenting with a pattern password for login, similar to the kind used on Androids. For Windows Explorer, Microsoft is introducing a Ribbon UI. This kind of user interface can be found in the Paint and WordPad programs of Windows 7, as well as some of the more recent versions of Microsoft Office. It has a larger toolbar with clearer icons that are designed to be more intuitive and user friendly.

Windows’s New Task Manager

Link: New Task Manager in Windows 8

Though the task manager hasn’t changed that much over the last few upgrades, Microsoft is completely redoing it for Windows 8. It appears as though the new task manager will be more touch friendly and easier to navigate. Tabs include Processes, Startup and Users, and the Processes tab will differentiate between Applications, Background Programs, and Windows Systems – Critical Programs. Cells which are using excessive resources will automatically be highlighted. In the startup tab, users can see which processes start automatically and disable any of the start up programs.

Published: Sunday, May 8th, 2011 Last Modified: July 13, 2011

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