Unity For [email protected] Developers Launched

On Tuesday, Microsoft and Xbox, the independent game developer community was given a huge boost. The announcement to give the independent game developers the [email protected] One add-on for Unity was announced at no cost for them, and should make the gamer community thrive on the Xbox One.

The decision by Xbox and Microsoft to truly embrace the independent game developers in this fashion will give them more reasons to build for the Xbox One. A lot of controversy has surrounded the Xbox One and independent developers, but this should calm the storm for now.

Independent “Gamers Get Support Of Xbox One With Unity Freebie

Free Xbox One Add-On For Unity

Microsoft made the decision to work with Unity, and when it is released in 2014, the add-on will be available for developers in the [email protected] program. This cooperation with Unity will give the developer community an affordable and easy way to build games for the Xbox One units and for the future gamers resulting from these games.

With this, Microsoft is also making the special Xbox One-only Unity Pro seat licenses available for Xbox One developers in the [email protected] program as well. The Unity game engine is capable of building some of the hottest games around, and with the interactive 3D content, developers can assemble their art, assets, add effects and build terrific independent games for the Xbox One.

Microsoft Gives Back to Indie Gamers With Unity

Microsoft’s Future For Independent Gamers

In its Xbox blog post, Microsoft stated that they are very interested in embracing the independent community, and is aiming to equal the playing field for all gamers, from the smallest developers to the biggest. It will enable support for the Kinect to the SmartGlass, and they can take advantage of the full Xbox One’s core tools.

Unity is being made available for the Windows and Windows Phone platform as well, and developers will get access to this as well from Microsoft. It all starts with one base game, and then developers can ship their games on the Xbox One, Windows, Windows Phone, and all the Microsoft platforms. The power of independent game developers was celebrated in a big way with this move.

I love that Microsoft has given back to the indie game developers in this way. It’s another way that Xbox One is shaping Microsoft’s future.

Published: Wednesday, November 6th, 2013 Last Modified: November 11, 2013

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