Ubuntu Arrives On Windows 10 Via App

While Microsoft has long hated Linux and its variants of distribution, in the past year they have embraced Linux and announced its Windows 10 availability. Now, Ubuntu has arrived in the form of a Windows 10 app.

This flavor of Ubuntu is made by the Canonical Group Limited, and its arrival on the Windows 10 store has made Linux fans love it or hate it. It makes for an easy installation, and makes Linux on your Windows 10 system easy.

Ubuntu Arrives On Windows Via Windows 10 App

Ubuntu Features

While I in know way am a Linux expert, the Ubuntu app gives Linux fans the full range of commands and features. It features Ubuntu, bash, ssh, git, apt, and dpkg commands all within Windows 10.

Users can use the Ubuntu Terminal to run the Ubuntu command line utilities, and this enables users to get into the Linux space easy. Users just need to turn windows features on and off and go from there.

Ubuntu Command Line Made Easy For Windows 10 Users

Reboot & Go

One the user turns the Windows features on or off, they can select the Windows Subsystem for Linux, and then click OK, reboot, and use the app. This makes the Linux experience appears easy for novice or advanced users.

Users can use those steps using the Administrator Powershell pormpt: Enable-WindowsOptionFeature-Online-FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux also. Then, users can use ubuntu command in cmd.exe or launch Ubuntu from the start menu.

Linux and Ubuntu has never appeared on Windows machines until now. It’s all bundled in a Windows 10 app now.


Published: Thursday, July 13th, 2017 Last Modified: July 13, 2017

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