Two Latest Big Xbox One Titles Live For Pre-Order

One of the biggest updates to the Xbox One from Microsoft is the ability to pre-order games and to have them available to play on game-day. This cuts down on the number of days to stores, long lines, and questionable availability. Two of the latest titles were live for pre-order and should be a hit.

The latest two big titles:EA Sorts NBA Live 15, and Sunset Overdrive are two of the biggest titles for the October gaming month. These games can be pre-ordered starting on Friday, and downloaded, but won’t be available to play until Tuesday, which is the official launch for both games in the US.

Microsoft Launches Pre-Order For EA Sports NBA Live 15t On Xbox One


This latest game from Electronic Arts is the second basketball game released on the next-generation console from Electronic Arts. This game is supposed to fix a number of complaints that users had in the first version of this game, and has a lot of new graphics and gameplay to show off the fun on the Xbox One.

This latest game is going to be available for release on October 28t, 2014, but users are able to pre-order the game and download the sizable game for their console. The date when it launches live will unlock the game. A pre order bouns is available and as a bonus NBA LIVE Ultimate Team Gold Premium Pack every week for 10 weeks

Microsoft Throws Big Launch Event For Preorders On Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive Prelaunch

In addition to the EA Sports NBA Live 15 preorder, Sunset Overdrive was also announced on Friday for pre-ordering. Sunset Overdrive is one of the biggest titles and has gotten a lot of media and game reviewers attention. The game will officially launch on October 28th, but pre-orders are live now, and the game will unlock on the 28th.

Microsoft is giving away a number of day one bonus items for those fans who pre-order the game. These include Nothing But The Hits, Its Me Fizzie, Hardcore Hammer, Acordes De La Muerte, and The Hangover. All of these various bits and program additions are available only for pre-ordering users who want to jump start their Sunset Overdrive desires. They are available starting today.

Both these games are big sellers and pre-ordering them is great from Microsoft. Why stand in line when you can order them and download them today?

Published: Monday, October 13th, 2014 Last Modified: October 13, 2014

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