Twitter App For Windows 8 Updated

This week marked a huge improvement for the Twitter app on Windows 8. The details on the Twitter app is all around the bug fixes and the ability to use multiple accounts while using Windows 8. The need to use multiple accounts within Twitter has been requested and now granted.

The improvements in the Twitter app have been requested for a long period of time. As this is one of the major social media apps for Windows 8, it will make Windows 8 more attractive for social media professionals and those who are addicted to Twitter as well.

Twitter Updated For Windows 8

Multiple Account Support

Users who want to use multiple accounts on Twitter via Windows 8 just need to swipe and add. By clicking the plus, you are quickly able to add an additional account. In addition, users will be able to delete accounts that they don’t want. Lastly, support has been added to view profiles and lists.

Pin lists and user profiles to Start Screen

Something that will make Windows 8 users drool, will be the ability to pin a user profile to the Start Screen. Those who follow particular people over a period of time, or a particular celebrity for instance, will be able to follow their tweets on the Start Screen with ease, and without having to go into the Twitter app. This is a huge improvement and a shining point of Windows 8.

Updating Via Windows Store

The Twitter app for Windows 8 is updating via the Windows Store for users, and should just be a few clicks for users. Users are also able to download Twitter for Windows 8 directly from the Windows Store as well. Bug fixes and stability enhancements have also been noted by users, and doesn’t crash as often for users. Other improvements include user tagging as well.

As social media is gaining steam, Windows 8 and Microsoft are fine tuning their systems and delivering high quality products to users. Windows 8 gives users fascinating ways to use social media, and Twitter is one of the big players in the social media scene. The ability to update its app for Windows 8 is important for users, and making it more secure makes Windows 8 even better for users.

Published: Monday, August 5th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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