Tweets Reveal Mass Effect 4 Progress

Fans of the Mass Effect series will be both equally surprised and delighted to hear that the fourth entrant in the series appears to be already under development.

After Mass Effect 3 and the release of a trilogy pack many gamers presumed that the team behind Mass Effect would either disband or create a new IP.


Mass Effect 4 Development Underway

Bioware had other ideas however and decided to go ahead with developing a new Mass Effect title. Whether this will be officially known as Mass Effect 4 or a spin-off remains to be seen.

Fans were recently treated to some titbits of possibly revealing details through some tweets from those who have seen behind the scenes progress of the newest addition to the Mass Effect saga.

Mass Effect Progress Revealed On Twitter

Casey Hudson , the project director behind the original Mass Effect trilogy, has tweeted his support for the project.

Hudson himself has moved on to another Bioware project (yet to be announced) but believes the team is doing excellent work and that the game is looking “Mass Effect-y”.


Bioware community manager Jessica Merizan also got in on the action announcing how proud she was of the work been carried out by the development team.


Yannick Roy. studio director of Biowares Montreal, unveiled that game had indeed been shown off in house.


…..before telling us that the rest of the world will have to wait a little longer.


Fans Hungry For More Mass Effect

Bioware have already confirmed that previous protagonist Commander Sheppard’s trilogy is indeed over.

They even wanted fans to defer from calling the next release Mass Effect 4 as they believe the game is more about what’s the next story to be set in the Mass Effect universe rather than what happens after Mass Effect 3.

This has only led to increase speculation as fans query what the next release could be – whether it is a prequel, sequel or at all linked to the previous saga.

These latest tweets do reveal that development is well under way and will only increase fans appetite for more details.

Published: Sunday, September 22nd, 2013 Last Modified: September 22, 2013

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