Tweeten 2 Makes Power Twitter Users Shine On Windows 10

Twitter is a service and a Windows 10 app that either does enough for 99% of the general users, but never enough for the 1 percent power users. Tweeten is a Windows 10 app that is great, but its new Tweeten 2 app is a gamechanger.

Tweeten 2 is the newest app made by Tweeten out of London, and it makes Tweetdeck look like an amateur app for Twitter users. Tweeten 2 is a solid Twitter app, and it allows power users of Twitter to harness advanced features of the service.

Experience Twitter With New Tweeten App On Windows 10

Tweeten 2 Features

The new Tweeten 2 app has arrived with a ton of new features. It has been rewritten from the ground up, and is 50 percent lighter than the original version of the app. The UI has been completely redesigned and gives users both dark and light themes to use.

One thing that advanced users will enjoy with Tweeten 2, is the new emoji picker for tweets, and new GIF features. You can now use the GIF zoom and GIF download features within the app. It has a ton of new features as well, and showcases the brillant Twitter app.

Track Multiple Timelines On Twitter Accounts With Tweeten 2

Filters & CSS Integration

The seamless update system allows for installation of new updates in under 10 seconds, and the filters let you see the Tweets you want to see. It has custom CSS for power users, and while it’s not a true Universal Windows app, it has a lot to offer advanced Twitter users.

While Twitter offers Tweetdeck for its power users, Tweeten 2 simply offfers a lot more features, and its availale in both free and premium bundles. The free app gives users around 90% of the available features, while the premium unlocked features should be fine for advanced Tweeters.

Tweeten is available on the Windows Store now. It’s Tweeten 2 update will be updated shortly, and its worth a download.

Published: Saturday, June 24th, 2017 Last Modified: June 24, 2017

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