Turn Windows 7 Into Windows 8. Part 1: Aura Beta

To turn Windows 7 into Windows 8, makes sure to download our awesome Windows 8 themes first. Then, if you want to be one of the first who are using Windows 8 features in Windows 7, download this freeware app called Aura Beta that will add one of the rumored Windows 8 features to your Windows 7 PC!

Get Color from Windows 8 Wallpaper

Windows 8 Feature in Windows 7

Aura Beta can, much like the rumored Windows 8 feature that will change the color of your Windows 8 Aero theme based on the color of your wallpaper, can grab the color either from your desktop wallpaper or grab the color from an active window icon.

Let’s take a look at the interface of Aura Beta 3. The tool looks pretty cool and has a minimalistic touch

How to turn Windows 7 into Windows 8

I tried some of the default Windows 7 wallpapers to see how it would change the color of my Windows 7 Aero theme. Here’s the result:

Aero Auto Color Windows 8 Feature for Windows 7

As pointed out by the tool, you need to actually increase the color intensity to see the effect! So, click on the link provided by Aura Beta and change the intensity (set it to maximum).

Here is another example of the Aero auto-colorization:

Get Color from wallpaper

Yay, we no longer have to adjust this color for every Windows 7 theme manually.

I don’t know how much CPU it requires to change the color of your Aero theme automatically, but if you don’t select the time interval “10 seconds”, you won’t have a problem. Simply set the wallpaper rotation to 30 minutes or so and you’ll be fine and it will grab the color from your desktop wallpaper just fine!

Download Aura Beta 3

You can either download Aura Beta from codeplex here or from our mirror host:

Download Aura Beta 3

Aura Beta is really a time-saver for people who would always change the color of their Windows 7 themes manually based on their current desktop wallpaper.

Stay tuned for more new tools and themes for Windows 7 to turn Windows 7 into Windows 8.

Published: Wednesday, April 13th, 2011 Last Modified: April 13, 2011

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