Try New Apps Within Windows 10 With Playable Ads

While we normally talk about the newest Windows 10 apps, Microsoft is continually evolving the Windows app experience. Microsoft has announced a new playable ads preview coming to Windows 10, and it makes apps more interesting.

With the announcement on playable ads coming to the Windows Store, Microsoft is giving users a three minute window to try out apps, and see if its for them. This should engage users to want to try out more apps on Windows 10.

Microsoft Talks About Playable Ads Coming To The Windows Store

What Are Playable Ads?

Microsoft is explaining playable ads as something that will help engage users to apps. It will result in a three minute inline expandable app that will stream for three minutes max, and lets users interact with it.

What this means to the end user, is that they can try out the app for three minutes, see if its for them, and then install the app if they like it. It should change the Windows Store experience, for the good or bad.

Microsoft Apps To Soon Get Playable Ads To Engage Users

Developers Building Now

Microsoft has opened up the playable ads format to developers, and is promising to launch it soon to Windows 10 users. Developers can try it out via the Dashboard, Promotions, and New Campaign menus in the dev center.

Microsoft in launching this limited preview, is thinking about getting more users to the store, and downloading Windows apps. By seeing if a three minute experience will be enough, users will then decide if the app is for them.

The playable ads format is new for Windows and the Windows Store. It’s still in a limited preview, but we should see it soon.

Published: Tuesday, March 14th, 2017 Last Modified: March 14, 2017

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