Triple Monitor Rage Wallpaper

Ok, this one is not quite as huge as the Rage poster (25,600×9,080), but it’s quite wide. If you happen to have 3 monitors, you can use this triple monitor wallpaper for your Windows 7 desktop!

Triple Monitor Wallpaper Setup

Ok, not many have three monitors, but there’s clearly a trend. A dual-screen setup is getting a lot more common and is not considered “geeky” anymore. Three monitors are required for AMD’s Eyefinity or NVIDIA’s 3D Vision Surround and guarantee a completely new gaming experience.

Playing on three monitors can be confusing at first, but once you get used to it you’ll enjoy it more than “old-fashioned” games on 1 screen – at least that’s what I heard from gamers who are using a triple monitor setup for gaming.

Creating triple monitor wallpaper ain’t that difficult with some good tools and you’ll find plenty of high-resolution images on the internet. Here’s a rage wallpaper for three monitors in a huge resolution: 5120 x 1600 pixel!

Triple Monitor Wallpaper Windows 7
Download Triple Monitor Wallpaper

Published: Sunday, July 4th, 2010 Last Modified: January 20, 2011

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