Trend Micro Security Gains Top Windows 10 Reviews

With the launch of Windows 10, it means that a number of new and unknown Internet Security companies will launch their own versions of keeping users safe. But, with the update of Trend Micro Security 10 Software, the results speak for themselves with top reviews from users.

Users want simple results and they want to keep their data and systems safe. The updated Trend Micro Security 10 Software was redone with Windows 10 in mind, and users have found this to be one of the simplest and easiest Internet Security products to use.

Microsoft's Windows 10 Protected Well With Trend Micro's Product

Why It Works?

The Trend Micro Security 10 Software was rebuilt, and was done to beat all the other products in this field. Independent labs took their stabs at the software, and ran it up against Bit-defender, F-Secure Internet Security, and others.

The labs found that through six rounds of testing, the software suite simply worked and gave users increased security, and especially with Windows 10. The real-world threats were minimized, and protects users with top results.

Trend Micro's Security 10 Software Protects Users On Windows 10 Well

The Smart Protection Network

Where the Trend Micro Security 10 software product really separated itself, was the Smart Protection Network. This is the large network of Trend Micro’s security threats, and puts together over 16 billion URL’s, emails, and file queries.

The amount of threat data that the Trend Micro team has analyzed is in the 15 terabyte range, and has identified over 250 million threats. This with over 1,200 people at Trend Micro working to secure users, makes this an easy winner with Windows 10.

Trend Micro has had top reviews from users and analysts for sometime. It’s glad that this Windows 10 product works well also.

Published: Thursday, November 19th, 2015 Last Modified: November 19, 2015

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