Transforming Windows 8 Ultrabooks Coming From Multiple Vendors

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According to a report published by insider news source Digitimes, almost all of the major PC brands are preparing ‘transforming’ ultrabooks with multi-touch that can be used like tablets.

Transforming Ultrabooks Coming From Places Other Than Just Asus

Asus’ ‘Transformer Prime’ model with a detachable keyboard was the first transforming Windows 8 device to be officially announced by a manufacturer. Now, a report from Taiwanese news source Digitimes suggests that other companies like Lenovo and Acer also plan to offer their own versions of a similarly changing ultrabooks that will contain a multi touch screen for tablet like use.

Windows notebooks like these have long existed under the ‘convertible’ category but this will be the first time they will be offered to a wider audience along with a radical new operating system (Windows 8). Previously, these notebooks were only used by professionals and came equipped with digitizer layers for drawings and notes and were very expensive.

The current crop of such devices in the mainstream are not very high in numbers and are not very functional either because of the limitations of the Windows 7 OS itself. Manufacturers are clearly betting on the brand new Metro UI on Windows 8 to solve this problem and take a leap forward.

Some of these models will make their way in to the market way ahead of the Windows 8 release and are slated for the middle of this year. However, there’s little possibility of the mainstream consumer taking up convertible ultrabooks before Windows 8 debuts some time later this year or early next year.

Published: Saturday, February 18th, 2012 Last Modified: February 18, 2012

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