Transformers 3 Trailer 2011 (Official Trailer)

Transformers 3, titled “Dark of the Moon” will hit theaters in 2011. It’s one of our most-anticipated movies of 2011 – so, watch the trailer after the break.

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Official Trailer

Official Trailer

The autobots and their human allies find a Cybertronian spacecraft on the dark side of the moon (therefore the name “Dark of the Moon”). They are hoping that this can help them to defeat the Cybertrons.

None of the actual main characters is in the trailer, but for a first trailer it’s really sucking you in. Nice trailer:

Transformers 3 Release Date

Now, we also have an official release date. Transformers 3 will be released on 1st July 2011. I reckon it’s going to be one of those summer blockbusters.

Transformers 3 is also going to be the first Transformers movie in 3D, so if you enjoyed 3D movies so far, this will prolly be worth watching in 3D as well!

Published: Sunday, December 12th, 2010 Last Modified: December 12, 2010

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