Transform Digital Notes With Moleskine Notes App On Windows 10

There are a lot of times when you take notes with pen and paper, you wish you could save them digitally. Many take pictures of it with their cell phones, but want more. Now, Moleskine has released their Moleskine Notes app on Windows 10.

The Moleskine Notes app is part of the larger ecosystem of Moleskine Digital notes, and is part of their Moleskine Pen+ Smart Pen/Stylus system. If you take lots of notes, this could be perfect for you.

Digitize and Store Handwritten Notes With Moleskine Notes App

How It Works

With the Moleskine Notes app, it digitizes your handwritten notes with the Pen+, and stores them on your PC. It then is able to store them on the cloud, lets you paste them into various programs, and interact with them.

The app has backup features that sync your notes to Google Drive and other services, and lets you access notes anytime. It features a full-screen mode, and lets you see exactly what you wrote on your notebook.

Export Saved Notes With Moleskine Notes App To Various Formats

Copy, Tag & Search

The digital notes in the Moleskine Notes app then lets you take those handwritten notes, and use them in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Evernote, or any other program that is compatible with the app.

Note takers are able to collaborate in real-time with up to 7 other users with the Pen+, and sketch up amazing things. Lastly, the app lets you tag your notes and make them easily searchable with those tags using the app.

The Moleskine Notes App is free, but the Moleskine Pen+ smart pen/syylus device various at retailers. If you write and want to digitize notes, this is amazing.

Published: Wednesday, December 13th, 2017 Last Modified: December 13, 2017

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