Transcribe Like A Pro On Windows 10 With Transcriptable

Medical doctors, facilities, and attornies often find needs to transcribe documents, records, and other items. But, they often have to find people to do it, or outsource the work. With Transcriptable, this Windows 10 app might make it easier for them.

Transcriptable is made by the company of the same name, and its a premium Windows 10 app. It is a professional level transcribing app, and is geared towards those who have to transcribe documents or text often.

Monitor Transcriptions Easily With Transcriptable On Windows 10

App Features

Transcriptable is a Windows 10 app with a lot of features. It allows for automatic audio processing first of all, and this means less time rewinding and leaving more time for typing. It supports MP3, WAV, WMA, and multiple audio formats.

It also allows for pasting of commonly used text or phrases, and has a number of hotkey features, which cuts down on typing time. It cuts down on flutter by allowing for silky smooth slowed audio on playback, which should help immensely.

Use Hotkeys, Foot Pedals and Equalizers With Transcriptable On Windows 10

Timestamps, Prestamps, and Footpedal Accessible

Users who transcribe often will find that the app has customizeable timestamps to use when they want them. It also has equalizer presets for male voices, female voices, background noise, and a number of other presets.

The app also works with those who have foot pedals, and those who transcribe often utilize them. It is an app that works for beginner or advanced transcribers, and it lets users transcribe more often and with less errors.’

Published: Tuesday, November 28th, 2017 Last Modified: November 28, 2017

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