Trade In iPhone and Get $200 Gift Card For The Microsoft Store

On Friday, Microsoft made an aggressive move towards iPhone owners, as they started an offer that will give them a nice gift card for their iPhones. The offer is geared to get more people into the Microsoft stores, and can be a huge hit for those with older iPhones.

The move by Microsoft gives users a minimum $200 gift card for their gentle used iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. With this trade-in offer, Microsoft is giving users a minimum $200 gift card to the Microsoft Store, and gives those looking to upgrade their phones a nice free gift.

Microsoft Offering $200 Gift Card For iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 Owners

Safer Than Ebay and Gazelle

The trade-in program offered by Microsoft makes it much easier for those who are looking for new phones to get one. They won’t have to sell it on Ebay or Gazelle, and get a gift card that they can use in the store to get a Lumia or other Windows Phone 8 device. The offer is perfect for those wanting a new phone and/or are sick of the iPhone world.

Holiday Offer

The move by Microsoft inside their stores runs from September 27, 2013 through November 3, 2013 in select Microsoft retail stores. The move is perfect for the upcoming holiday season as those looking for a new gift via a Windows Phone 8 can get one with the trade-in of their iPhone. The move is ideal for those who have an older iPhone laying around collecting dust, and are intrigued by Windows Phones.

Perfect For Lumia 1020

Where this trade-in program is perfect, is for customers looking for the Lumia 1020. As the phone is priced at $199 in the US, those who trade-in their iPhones can get a brand new Lumia 1020 for free with activation. The Lumia 1020 is the top of the line Windows Phone 8 device, and will please those iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 users by leaps and bounds.

The trade-in program is live at Microsoft stores and bring in the phone and phone cord(s) and you should be able to get your gift card. This can be the perfect time for an upgrade to the Windows Phone 8 experience.

Published: Saturday, September 28th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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