Track The Tour De France With Le tour 2017 On Windows 10

The Tour De France is one of the most widely watched events throughout the world, and viewers love watching the cycling event as it works its way through France. Now, Le Tour 2017 makes following the race a lot easier.

Le Tour 2017 is a free Windows 10 app made by Pastusiak, and it is one of the best Tour De France apps available on the Windows Store. It gives you total control on tracking the race and its racers.

Le Tour 2017 Lets Users Follow The Tour De France

Inside Le Tour 2017

With Le Tour 2017, the Windows 10 app gives users the live coverage that cycling fans have been craving. It gives stage details and profiles of the racers, and the general classifications within the race.

Since the Tour De France race is a stage based race, and updated daily, the app updates daily as well. It gives followers stage results, and gives a full start list that they can pulll up before the race.

Follow The Tour De France Routes With Windows 10 App

It Works & Is Great

I’ve been following the Tour De France for a while and was eager to check it out. The app installs quickly and lets you track the races and racers simply. It is a fairly stable app as well, and is a great app.

The app itself is available across a number of Windows 10 devices including the Xbox ne, Windows Holographic, PC, and Windows 10 mobile devices. You can enjoy the Tour De France anywhere on your Windows 10 device, and its a worthy download.

If you follow the Tour De France, this app is fun. It gives you stage and racer results, and lets you follow the race like your were in it yourself.

Published: Wednesday, July 19th, 2017 Last Modified: July 19, 2017

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