Tossup App Shows Microsoft’s Evolutionary Mobile Future

One thing that users are starting to see, is Microsoft’s ability to grow beyond a desktop company, and build for mobile platforms. Their latest apps for Android and iOS have shown that, and they are growing. Their latest was announced on Tuesday, and its name is Tossup.

Tossup is a mobile app available for Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS platforms, and is a productivity app at its main core. Microsoft’s ability to grow productivity apps for mobile devices has worked before, and with Tossup, it certainly is showing its core values in this app.

Microsoft Launches Tossup For Android and iPhone


The core of Tossup, is an event planning and opinion-gathering app, and its built by the Microsoft Garage project. This type of app is perfect for mobile users, and is a revolutionary type of app. Users can ask questions, friends can cast votes, and when be told where to meet, with the app sending invites.

Tossup can be used for personal and business uses and is a unique kind of app from Microsoft. Users can ask any type of questions to their friends and business colleagues, get answers, gather the answers, and formulate them into a solution. It’s a new kind of app, but could work for Microsoft.

Microsoft's Tossup Makes Group Questions A Snap

Types of Tossup Questions

With Tossup, users can ask a quick yes or no to a count, a question about a restaurant to goto, a place to meet at with groups, and general friends opinions. Users can be invited over email or SMS, and Tossup allows users to make decisions in a fun and interesting way. It’s free and worth trying out.

Tossup is a completely free app and is available for Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Play Store, with immediate availability. The reviews of the app have been very favorable, and the app is still in an early stage for users to enjoy. Microsoft is courting feedback, and this could be the start for more.

If you ask questions, try Tossup. It’s free, and a quick and cool app from Microsoft.

Published: Monday, July 13th, 2015 Last Modified: July 13, 2015

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