Torrent To Your Delight With Torrex Pro On Windows 10

The idea of torrenting software, apps, or any kind of media is something that falls on a line that you can either support or hate. But, for those who do use torrents, finding a great one is tricky. Torrex Pro has now given Windows 10 an option.

The Torrex Pro app has been around for sometime, and has evolved throughout the years, since its Windows 8 app. It’s a very popular torrenting app on the Windows store, and can be used on a number of devices for users.

Torrex Pro Torrent Software Available For Windows 10

Torrex Pro Features

With Torrex Pro, the app has become a much lighter and faster app, and that makes a difference when you want to run it quickly. It also features a new design that adapts to any device, and that can include tablets, smartphones, desktops, or HoloLens.

It works in the background, and lets you torrent software while working on other things on your system. It also features a built-in player, and that will let users watch movies or listen to music that they are torrenting if they wish.

Torrent Software With Torrex Pro On Windows 10 Devices

Faster & Not Quite Free

With Torrex Pro, it lets users watch a movie or listen to music while the download is in process, and that differs it from other similar programs. It detects torrents faster, and lets users limit the speed and total of downloaded data.

Users love Torrex Pro on Windows, and what makes it differ from other programs, is that is lets users download over Wi-Fi vs cellular data, on mobile devices. This saves on costly bills. It’s available for $7.99, but its worth it if you download torrents.

Torrex Pro is a robust and expansive torrent program. It’s $7.99 and available now from the Windows Store.

Published: Thursday, September 15th, 2016 Last Modified: September 15, 2016

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