Torrent Gear & Get Map Warning Are Two New Excellent Windows 10 Apps To Try

The world of Windows 10 apps either comes with a flurry of new apps, or a long period of so-so apps. Two new ones caught our attention, and are worthy of a download to try and enjoy.

Our new two new Windows 10 apps to try are Torrent Gear and Get Map Warning. One lets users manage their torrents in a simple format, while the other lets users see warnings on a updating map.

Torrent Gear Makes Managing Torrents Simple

Torrent Gear

Either people download torrents or they don’t. but whatever the way you feel on the topic, the software allowing users to download them is changing. Torrent Gear makes downloading and managing them simple.

The app itself is in a first release, but has a very simple format to upload and download torrents. Even the makers of the app describe it as a torreent client created for people, and it takes the technicality of it away.

Map Warning Makes Possible Traffic Accidents More Social & Noticable

Map Warning

Map Warning though is a much different app, and its made by NTL Dev. It uses web services to store warnings from other users and share it others. It does it by putting them on maps for people to see.

The main purpose of the app is to let people warn against accidents, traffic jams, or police radar areas. The warnings will be shown on a map, and makes safety a little more social it appears.

Both Torrent Gear and Map Warning are free apps to try. They are both on the Windows Store and worth a download.

Map Warning

Torrent Gear

Published: Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017 Last Modified: October 3, 2017

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