Torchlight 2 Release Date, Story, Artwork & Features

If you like Diablo 2, you probably snagged a copy of Torchlight when it was on sale on Steam, right? If not, you’ll have some time until the successor arrives – along with a new co-op mode!

Torchlight 2 Release Date

Torchlight – a worthy Diablo replacement?
Of course, how do I dare to think about Torchlight 2 when Diablo 3 will be coming in 2011? Blizzard is making top-notch games, because they have the money and patience to make a game simply perfect. Starcraft 2 is only one proof of that. Anyway, Torchlight is a worthy Diablo replacement – at least if you’re not that much into multiplayer. But that will change in Torchlight 2, because the game is getting some co-op action and a LAN mode!

Torchlight 2 Release Date

So, when does Torchlight 2 come out? According to the official Torchlight 2 website the game is scheduled for Spring 2011. The exact release date will be posted when we approach 2011.


The most exciting new feature of Torchlight II is the multiplayer element. Play with your friends, and use the free peer-to-peer matchmaking service to meet new players of a similar level and interest. Together players will discover expansive randomized outdoor areas and deep ominous caverns; random instanced and persistent dungeons, a huge variety of all new monsters and villains, endless variations of loot to find, and quests to complete. Players journey through the perilous Overworld, enjoying all new weather features, time of day events, and a rich and cunning story to drive gameplay.

Torchlight 2 Artwork

PC Gamer has some exclusive Torchlight 2 artwork for you.

Torchlight 2 Artwork

Torchlight 2 Artwork @ PC Gamer

Torchlight 2 Wallpaper

Torchlight 2 Wallpaper

Based on the artwork and other material, here are some Torchlight 2 wallpaper and a Windows 7 theme.

Torchlight 2 Story

Beyond the town of Torchlight lies a world shrouded in adventure and mystery. Guardian-warrior Syl appears in a prophetic dream, summoning the player to the Estherian Steppes. There, you meet with the Destroyer and soon venture across the continent of Vilderan, an exotic frontier besieged by forces of evil. A discovery unfolds, that the Alchemist, following his conquest of dark ember, disappeared on his quest to defeat the unknown corrupted force responsible for destroying the mystical race of Estherians. Aided by Syl, the remaining Estherian Guardians, and clues left behind by the missing Alchemist, you will find yourself battling a powerful enemy that threatens to unravel the elements of the entire world.

Runic Games will release Torchlight II initially as a digital download in Spring of 2011.

Torchlight 2 Features

  • Multi-player – Play with your friends over a local area network, or over the Internet. A free matchmaking peer-to-peer service lets you make new friends for exciting co-op play.
  • Customizable Characters – Players create and customize a character from one of four classes available and choose an animal companion. Through cosmetic, class, and gender choices, skill path decisions, and the treasures they acquire, each character can be custom-tailored to each player’s needs.
  • Moddability – Torchlight II will release with an updated version of TorchEd, the Torchlight editor. Players have the option to create their own mods, adding even more content to the world. You and your friends can download the same mod and play together!
  • New User Interface – Torchlight II boasts an entirely new, improved user interface, designed to be easier than ever for new players to pick up and play. Thanks to this intuitive interface, players have immediate access to a rich and varied world, with little experience necessary.
  • Overworld Areas – Torchlight II has large randomized overworld areas to explore with weather, time of day cycles, and random events that provide players with even more content to experience.
  • Random Dungeons – Delve into randomly generated dungeons within the game at any time for extra experience and rare loot. Dungeons in Torchlight II have even more branching paths to explore with friends filled with random events, rewards and dangers.
  • Retirement System – Once characters are sufficiently leveled up, they can “retire” and bestow specific benefits and perks onto new characters.
  • Pets – Players choose a pet to accompany them. Pets level up along with the player, and help in battle, learn spells, carry items, and perform a variety of support services.
  • Fishing – Fishing returns in the sequel! Players can take a break from the high-energy pace of adventuring to relax by one of the many fishing holes and see what they can catch. Fish have unique benefits for the player and pet, while a number of other rewards can also be discovered.
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