Topple Reddit With Latest Readit Windows 10 App

Reddit garners a ton of traffic on a daily basis, and many view it for its stories, pictures, threads, and it’s AMA’s. While it has an official Windows 10 App, many like alternatate choices. For them, Readit gives them a great user experience.

Readit is an alternative Reddit app for Windows 10, and works across all devices using Windows 10. It gets frequent updates from its developers, and get new features and bug fixes with each solid release as well.

Windows 10 Users Get Beautiful Reddit App With Readit

Readit Features

Readit makes reading Reddit simple and easy. It lets users swip on album images to see them easier, and brings moderator tools in a great app. It is built with secondary tiles, a great interface, and markdown support as well.

With Readit, toast notifications will bring detailed user messages and comment replies, and more. Users can pin subreddits to the start screen, see complete Imgur integration with album browsing, glided comments, and an amazing performance on Windows 10.

Reddit Comes To Life On Windows 10 App Readit

Users Rave About Readit

Users in their reviews of Readit, praise the user experience as one of the highest praises for the app, and love it for what Reddit brings to Windows 10 users. As a beautiful and full functioning app, it is the Reddit app that outshiness the others.

With its updates, Readit has a much cleaner UI, and its gotten much faster due to its developers. It makes a somewhat stale Reddit site shine with its interface updates, and it brings the daily images to life on Windows 10.

If you view Reddit, try Readit. It’s a great Reddit app, and available for all on Windows 10.

Published: Wednesday, April 27th, 2016 Last Modified: April 27, 2016

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