Top Weather Apps For Windows 10 Users

Windows 10 has given users new ways to tell what the weather is outdoors, and how to get ready for potential storms. The Windows Store has a top collection of weather apps for Windows 10 users, and is worth seeing our notes below.

Weather apps may not be the most sexy thing around, but knowing how to prepare for weather is very important. These Windows 10 apps give users updated forecasts, satellite maps, images, videos, and ways to stay safe in dangerous weather.

Weather Channel App Keeps Track Of Weather On Windows 10

Weather Channel & AccuWeather

The Weather Channel app is by far the biggest app on the Windows Store. It is backed by the weather station, and gives users forecasts, current weather conditions, weather maps, push alerts, and a bunch more. It’s a fully packaged Windows 10 weather app.

AccuWeather is the second biggest Windows 10 weather app on the store, and worth downloading. It gives minute-by-minute updates to users, forecasts for the world, current conditions, long term forecasts, interactive Bing Maps.

Hurricane Tracker Profiles Hurricanes For Windows 10 Users

The Other Weather Apps

In the Windows Store, the two main apps noted above steal the show, but others do give users a great deal of weather information on Windows 10. They include MyRader Weather Radar, ForecaWeather, SbeMoon, Got The Weather, and Hurricane Tracker.

Hurricane Tracker is the only paid application in the ones above at $2.49, but its the best for tracking hurricanes. It gives animated satellite imagery, updates from all the world’s oceans, historical databases of hurricanes, and is a hurricane chasers dream app.

Windows 10 has a lot of great weather apps. Try them all, or the main two, and stay safe with these apps.

Published: Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016 Last Modified: February 23, 2016

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