Top Selling Windows Phone Sequel Announced: New Global Lumia 525

The Nokia Lumia 520 has been one of the best selling Windows Phones around the world, and on Wednesday the sequel to the bestseller was announced.

The Lumia 525 with its improved specs and design superseeds the Lumia 520 as an affordable Windows Phone and a great Windows Phone device.

The latest Windows Phone from Nokia takes the Lumia 520 into a new generation. The size is the only thing that these two phones share, and while it isn’t earmarked for the United States, the global outreach of the Windows Phone ecosystem will get a new breath of life with this phone.

New Global Lumia 525 Announced As Newest Windows Phone

Lumia 525 Specs

The Windows Phone Lumia 525 will have a four-inch touch screen with a 800 x 480 pixel display. Some of the other specs include a five-megapixel camera, HD video-recording at 720p, and up to 30 frames per second at recording. 8GB of onboard memory with support to 64GB on expansion makes this a very impressive Windows Phone.

What can definitely help this phone sell is the ability to have 7GB of SkyDrive for cloud storage. The phone will be available in a variety of colors including glossy orange, white, yellow, and a subdue matte black. The device was announced in Singapore, and is aimed at a global audience.

The Lumia 520 Is A Huge Hit, Just Not In The US

Why Not US?

The Lumia 525 is clearly aimed for the global markets, and while the Lumia 520 wasn’t a US phone, this new Windows Phone is meant for overseas consumption. The phone is aimed at the Asian markets and also built for areas that Lumia 520 phones have sold in huge numbers. The phone is being initially sold for SG$249 or US$199, and is very affordable.

Microsoft though doesn’t want to bring this phone to the US market. The US market is geared towards higher end Nokia phones including the 1025 and other phones that have higher price points. The Lumia 520 had an approximate 13% of the Windows Phone market which shows its popularity, and with not many of these ever sold in the US.

I’ve had the chance to try the Lumia 520 overseas, and enjoyed it. For under $250 it makes a great Windows Phone, and one that Microsoft can sell tons of to expand the crowd base of Windows Phone.

Published: Friday, November 29th, 2013 Last Modified: November 29, 2013

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