Top Rainmeter Desktop Skin Pack: Hazardous (Tech Style)

We’re great fans of the popular skinning tool Rainmeter. Here’s one of our most favorite tech skins for Rainmeter that works flawlessly on Windows 7 and looks simply awesome!

Head over to to download the Hazardous Rainmeter theme

Let’s take a quick look at this Rainmeter theme!

First, double-click the .rmskin – if you have successfully installed Rainmeter you should now see the installer:

Install Rainmeter Skin

Click the Install button and the theme is now on your system.

When you right-click an existing skin element, simply hover over Hazardous and an element that you want to activate

Activate Elements

For example click on Clock => Clock Big Version.ini

We recommend a beige background color for your desktop

Move the clock and activate more elements. When you’re done your desktop could look like this:

Example Desktop Skin With Rainmeter Widget

We recommend a white background or you merge a couple images and use a gradient for a fade-to-white effects

Example Desktop White Background

With a little creativity you can create some really cool customized desktops. Rainmeter is really a great tool for a more personalized desktop experience.

Know of any other cool Rainmeter skins? Let us know your favorites in the comments!

Published: Thursday, December 6th, 2012 Last Modified: June 7, 2013

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