Top OneNote Importer Arrives For Evernote Windows 10 Users

Evernote has been one of the top productivity apps and websites for sometime, but users are finding OneNote more useful in certain circumstances. For that, the Windows 10 team from Microsoft has released a OneNote importer for Evernote users.

OneNote and Evernote are very similar in many circumstances, and they offer users a ton of features. OneNote though works with Windows 10 extremely well, and Microsoft is encouraging users to make the switch to Windows 10.

Microsoft Offers EverNote Users A Windows 10 Migration Tool

OneNote Windows 10 Features

With OneNote, is it available across Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile devices. It offers office access to notes on mobile devices, and offes unlimited monthly uploads. Users can also write anywhere on the page with a free-form canvas.

The OneNote Windows 10 app gives users the ways to share content with othes, clip content from the web, save email into their notes, and lastly digitize cards. All of these feature take Evernote over as the best Windows 10 productivity tool.

Microsoft Gives Evernote Users A Tool To Get Into OneNote Easier On Windows 10

How To Migrate From Evernote

Microsoft put together a set of posts and videos to help users migrate from Evernote. They will need a PC with Windows 10, have Evernote for Windows installed, and use the import tool to take that information into OneNote.

Both OneNote and Evernote are similar in many ways, but OneNote’s free-form canvas, unlimited uploads, and audio/video imports make it shine. The Windows 10 OneNote product shines, and this import tool will only get more to use it.

Users using EverNote can download the free tool from Microsoft now. Try OneNote out, and you won’t go back to Evernote.

Published: Monday, March 14th, 2016 Last Modified: March 14, 2016

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