Top Name For Microsoft CEO Search No Longer Available

As the rampant speculation for whom will be the next CEO at Microsoft, one of the main names talked about, is no longer available. A statement released by Ford on Thursday confirmed than Alan Mulally will be staying at Ford through 2014, and takes him out of the running.

The rumors about Alan Mulally becoming the next CEO at Microsoft were very popular across the business and tech circles, but he lacked the technical background for the job. This leads many to speculate whom the next CEO will be and who gets to replace Steve Ballmer in Redmond.

Alan Mulally Out As New Microsoft CEO Choice

Why Mulally Is Out

While Alan Mulally never said anything public about a possible move to Microsoft to become the next CEO, the Wall Street Journal and others speculated that he was a front runner. The statement released by Ford member Edsel Ford II on Thursday stated that he will be sticking with Ford through the end of 2014, and leads many to wonder what happened.

While Alan Mulally was a popular pick because of how he turned around Ford from a nothing car company to powerful one today. He has a strong managerial background and has the ability to manage large groups of employees at Ford. But, his non-technical background might have stopped him from pursuing Microsoft, and the board at Microsoft stopping from wanting him too.

Same Names Circulate For New Microsoft CEO In Redmond

Where Does That Leave Microsoft?

As many of you have read the columns, the search for the next Microsoft CEO is a heated race, and has a couple of frontrunners. The names of Tony Bates, Satya Nadella, and a few others have popped up as leaders with the departure of Alan Mulally in the race. Both are within Microsoft, and have the technical chops to lead the company.

Whether or not the Microsoft board devices to keep someone within the company or not is unknown. Many think Satya Nadella has the cloud and enterprise skills to lead the company, but lacks the management style. Tony Bates is the popular pick, but might be too popular to lead the company. Who else is available? Who knows at this point?

I personally didn’t think Alan Mulally would ever be the CEO. His non-technical background would’ve stopped him, and at age 64, is at the end of his potential leadership career.

Published: Friday, December 6th, 2013 Last Modified: December 6, 2013

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