Top Microsoft Made Apps Highlight 2014 Countdown

Microsoft, while known as the company behind Windows and Office, came out with a remarkable number of apps for the Windows, Windows Phone, Android, iOS, and other platforms. The Lumia Conversations blog on Tuesday, counted down the top 3 Microsoft made apps for 2014 based on 2000 user votes.

In its top 3 apps via Microsoft, the Lumia Conversations blog went out and asked 2000 users what their favorite apps were. The ballot box was counted, and the results were made available for users to enjoy. What made the top app for 2014 from Microsoft will amaze and impress even Microsoft fans.

Microsoft Counts Down Top Made Microsoft Apps Of 2014

Files and Office Lens Make 3rd and 2nd Place

In third place, users voted Files as their third favorite Windows App. The Files app is available for Windows Phone, and was the file manager software app that many had been waiting for. Windows Phone didn’t include a file manager, and now it has one courtesy of Microsoft, with an app for full file organization.

The second favorite Microsoft made app for 2014 is Office Lens. Office Lens got a number of updates throughout the year, and this Office program is quite amazing. Users can digitize information on the go, and have it scanned to their OneDrive account. It was updated with business card recognition and more updates during 2014 to enjoy.

Microsoft's MovieCreator Beta Makes Top App For 2014

Top App: MovieCreator Beta

In a surprising choice, the top Microsoft made app for 2014 is MovieCreator Beta. This app is the premiere movie editing app for Windows Phones, and allows users to create and edit movies on the go. It lets users combine videos, photos, music, and cinemagraphs into movies that can be enjoyed anywhere with anyone.

The app was picked as the top app with its ease of use, its ability to make quick movies on the go, and to share with others. Users can clip together a bunch of clips, make them one long movie, and share it on Facebook, Youtube, or other places. It’s a surprising top app, but a great app nonetheless.

These top Microsoft apps show that 2014 was a great year. Download them all, and take a spin at some great apps via Microsoft.

Published: Wednesday, December 31st, 2014 Last Modified: December 31, 2014

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