Top Fox Sports Go Is Now A Universal Windows 10 App

Sports fans generally love their sports apps, and many of them have particular ones they favor over others. Fox Sports Go has gotten their share of complaints over not having a Universal App, but that has now been solved.

Fox Sports Go is now an official Universal Windows App, and works acorss all Windows 10 devices. That means it works for desktop, tablets, notebooks, and mobile devices. This will ensure timely updates for the app for all to enjoy.

Fox Sports Go Arrives For Windows 10 Via Universal Windows App

Access To All Fox Networks

The sheer beauty of the Fox Sports Go app is the access to all of the Fox TV networks when using it. This is particularly exciting when used on a tablet or mobile device, as it allows users to enjoy Fox Sports programming on the go.

The networks include Fox Sports, Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, your regional Fox Sports Network, Fox College Sports, and Fox Deportes. Additionally it includes all of the MLB, NASCAR, NBA, and some live NFL games when available.

Fox Sports Go Brings Top Sports To Windows 10 Users

Subscriber Login Required

With the recent updates made to the Fox Sports Go app, unfortunately it does require a subscription to your local cable or satellite service to log into the app. This is mainly due to contracts with these providers for Fox Sports programming.

Once you grab your login information from your cable tv or TV satellite provider, you can start enjoying the programming within seconds. It gives you hours of enjoyment and top sports programming on Windows 10 for all devices now.

If you love sports and FOX, then grab this app. It’s free, and a great sports download for Windows 10.


Published: Wednesday, April 27th, 2016 Last Modified: April 27, 2016

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