Top Enterprise Trends For 2014 From Microsoft

In an annual forecast for enterprise trends, Microsoft on Tuesday went into details on what they see as top enterprise trends for 2014. The post on the Fire Hose blog at Microsoft goes into give different enterprise trends, and all cover a wide bit of enterprise goodness.

In the post released by Susan Hauser, Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Enterprise and Partner Group at Microsoft, she details what she sees as the future of enterprise in the next year. Some are spot on, some are a little off, but shows what enterprise is thinking in regards to Microsoft in the year ahead.

Microsoft Talks Top Enterprise Trends For 2014

Internet Of Things & Reverse BYOD

The first enterprise trend is about how real the internet of things truly is. Microsoft sees the enterprise as a series of gadgets and tools connected to the web, and Microsoft’s enterprise tools as the things that connect them to the data. In room devices in hospitals to temperature scales in data centers are things Microsoft sees as very real.

The second enterprise trend Microsoft sees is the reverse BYOD, or bring your own device trend. Microsoft is seeing less employees bringing devices into the enterprise, since the enterprise is able to give them devices they want to use. Microsoft highlights the Nokia Lumia 820 at Delta Airlines and Surface devices with Delta pilots as samples of this trend.

Azure And Yammer Seen As Huge Enterprise Tools For 2014

Enterprise Social, Cloud Models, and Customer Moments

In the third enterprise trend from Microsoft, they see social tools like Yammer from Microsoft as a huge tool for enterprise customers. They need to talk with clients and customers, and Yammer allows for this to happen. Microsoft’s roll out with Red Robin and their customer success is highlighted in the post.

The last two items cover business models in the cloud and moments for enterprise customers. Cloud computing platforms like Azure allow for cheaper enterprise computing and the trend is to use that more. Engaging conversations between enterprise customers and their clients and customers are the last trend. Giving enterprise customers instant access to information gives them the ability to instantly connect and get ahead of the enterprise game.

I love Microsoft’s enterprise vision for 2014. Yammer and Azure are huge pieces of the puzzle, and 2014 will be huge for Microsoft for the enterprise.

Published: Wednesday, December 25th, 2013 Last Modified: December 25, 2013

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