Top Cydia Sources

Looking for some Cydia sources? Here are some of the top cydia sources and a general explanation what cydia sources actually are.

Top Cydia Sources Cydia Sources

External Site. Top Link:

Over at you find a lot of good iPhone tips, so make sure to visit it. <—– (Try this, everything is cracked)
SiNfuL iPhone: <—– (Try this, everything is cracked)
xSellize: <—– (Try this, everything is cracked)
Epelle6: <—– (Try this, everything is cracked)
BigBoss & Planet-iPhones:
Free Coder:
iPhone Video Recorder :
iFon Norway:
Weiphone Source
Ste Packaging:
Telesphoreo Tangelo:
XSellize Normal: (no vip)
XSellize VIP: (Must Donate)
Niklas Schroder:
Bloc Apple en Catalá:
comcute&gecko;: Repo:
SOS iPhone:
David Ashman:
Darvens Repository:
iPhone-patch (Bulgarian):
4PP13 Team Repository: Repo :
iRom gba/Apps:
iRom Genesis Roms:
iRom SNES Roms:

Cydia is probably a familiar term for people who own something like an iPhone that uses the iOS. For people who are willing to ‘jailbreak’ their iPhone or other iOS device, Cydia will provide them with more theme and app options that cannot be found on the regular Apple App Store, allowing complete customization for the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

What is Cydia?

Developed by Jay Freeman and his company SaurikIT in 2008, Cydia is a software application for any device that uses the iOS. The device, whether it is an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, must be jailbroken before Cydia can be used. It was designed to give owners of iOS devices the ability to have better customization over their devices, without having to spend a ton of money in the App Store. Many different independent developers can offer their programs and apps through the Cydia Store either for free or for a small cost.

What are Cydia Sources?

A Cydia source is what allows an iOS user to find Cydia apps and software on their device. There are many different Cydia sources to choose from when looking to install a repository on an iOS device, and they are mostly free. Any Cydia source will give a device access to a wide variety of both free apps and apps that cost money, themes for the device, gaming options for mobile devices, and more. Depending on the user’s wants and needs, there will be a Cydia source to fit whatever they are looking for.

xSellize Repo for Gaming Fans

Out of all the Cydia sources for gaming, xSellize is one of the best. It includes emulators that allow users to play old games on their mobile device from gaming consoles such as the Gameboy Advance, Nintendo 64, NES, and more. For each gaming system, there are more than 50 different classic games available to download and play right on the iOS mobile device. Other than games available for download, there are also various high definition themes to download for free, which aren’t available through other Cydia sources. Repo for those who can’t Afford to Pay

Many people simply don’t have the extra money to pay for premium apps from the official App Store. This is where the source comes in handy – it offers many different apps for free. It also allows any user of an iOS device to download the premium App Store applications and try them out for free. This means that the user will not waste any money purchasing an app that they end up not liking or not using. By basically using this demo version on an app, a mobile device user can then make the decision to purchase the application or to simply uninstall the free version.

Besides these two Cydia sources, there are hundreds of others available for download to a cracked iPhone, iPod, or iPad. The choice of which source to download should be a personal one, based on what the specific source offers. Luckily, if one of the Cydia sources doesn’t seem to be working out, it can always easily be uninstalled and replaced with another one to try!

Published: Monday, June 13th, 2011 Last Modified: June 7, 2011

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