Top Antivirus and Security Products For Windows 10

As Windows 10 has been in consumers hands for sometime, companies offering Windows 10 Antivirus and Internet Security products have been increasing. But, many wonder which is the best for them, and we’ve put through a list for your reading and Windows 10 pleasure.

Keeping a user safe and secure is more than just an antivirus anymore, and Windows 10 with its improved user experience, makes these products even better than ever. But, they also must keep Internet users safe & offer ways to protect against threats 24/7.

Bitdefender Shines As Top Windows 10 Internet Security Product

Bitdefender Shines With Avast A Close Second

Those who know antivirus and Internet security software often share praises about Bitfender, and they’ve led the way since 2010. They offer free and paid versions, and keep users safe. The paid version offers online protection & more, and with perfect scores since 2010, they know the security business well.

Avast has also been around for a while, and offers free and paid versions. It gives users a quick scan, full scan, and boot-time scan options. Automatic updates can be run, and it also gives browser-additions. It is the perfect product for average users, without complex features.

AVG's Windows 10 Product Offers Complete Security

Malwarebytes, AVG, and Norton

AVG is a name in the security business that keeps computer users safe. Their free version has been downloaded in the millions. Most malware threats are contained in the free version, but gives internet security features and safe data & encryption to premium users.

Norton is the heavyweight in the security business, and has the biggest name behind it. Millions use it, and at $70/year, it offers complete PC and online protection, with a 100% virus removal guarantee. This is something no other can do.

Malwarebytes is the other player in the malware removal game, and specializes its product in malware removal. It is a 99% remover of malware according to its site, and works. It does require manually scanning the PC, but when you need to remove Malware, it does it well.

No matter your choice, Windows 10 offers a number of antivirus and Malware removal tools. Try one or all, and see which works for you.

Published: Thursday, November 12th, 2015 Last Modified: November 12, 2015

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