Top 30 Windows 7 Themes (Clean Visual Styles)

There are a lot of great Windows 7 themes out there. If you like clean Aero themes, the following list of top themes is a must for everyone who loves customizing their computers.

30 Best Light Windows 7 Aero Themes

Keep in mind that not all of the 3rd-party themes have the typical Aero see-through shell, but they are all very clean or have a transparent shell. Please take a minute to bookmark this for later. We will be adding more Windows 7 themes shortly.

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Static 2.0

Static 2.0 is definitely one of the most beautiful Windows 7 themes I used lately. I like the idea of the colorful taskbar icons, the colorful shell, the colorful Windows search. Color can be used so effectively and this theme makes use of it! I really hope that we something like this in Windows 8. The Metro UI is using a lot of colors as well, so if Windows 8 themes come close to this I will be very happy – else we have to create some more custom Windows 8 themes

Static Aero Theme
Download Static 2.0 | Mirror

Static Polished

Static Polished. An updated version of the Static theme above. If you are sick of round corners and no colors, you will ove this one.

Static Polished Aero
Download Static Polished | Mirror

Metalik Glass for Windows 7

Another very hot Aero desktop theme! If you don’t like the hover effects of the default Windows 7 caption buttons and you want a bluish glow when you hover over the caption buttons (close/minimize/maximize) then this be the perfect theme for you. It also modifies all of the Windows icons if you install the theme correctly.

Metalik Glass Windows 7 Theme
Download Metalik Glass | Mirror

Leaf Visual Style for Windows 7

Oh beautiful nature! Another great custom Aero theme that will modify not only your caption buttons and forward/back buttons. The theme includes 6 different “sub” themes, which is quite amazing. Also, I very much like the thin borders. According to the author, window frames and scrollbars are both thinner.

top, top-small-fonts, bottom, bottom-small-fonts + an extra variation of the bottom versions

Leaf Beautiful Windows 7 Nature Theme
Download Leaf Visual Style | Mirror

7Clean V1

7Clean is a pretty decent Windows 7 theme with a greyish light interface and cool icons:
7Clean Windows 7 Aero Themes
Download 7Clean | Mirror

The Force Theme

You’re a Star Wars geek? Then you need the Force theme that will greatly modify the shell of your Windows 7 computer and make it look like a Star Wars UI. Awesome theme:

The Force Windows 7 Aero Themes 1
Download The Force Theme

Blend 2.0 Light Aero Theme for Windows 7

Another light Aero theme with a transparent shell with some decent new buttons inspired by the IE9 and Firefox 4 browser buttons:

Blend 2.0 Windows 7 Aero Themes 1
Download Blend 2.0 | Mirror

Light Celestica Beta

Light Celestica is another light theme with some very cool close-minimize-maximize buttons.

Celestica Windows 7 Aero Themes 1
Download Celestica Beta | Mirror

Celestica Theme

A really fine custom Windows 7 theme is this new version of the Celestica theme:

Celestica Windows 7 Aero Themes 2
Download Celestica | Mirror

Cupcake Aero Shell Theme With Colors

Looking for something extravagant? Something pink? Something that is really different? Try this Cupcake visual style and you will have a VERY unique Windows 7 desktop:

Cupcake Windows 7 Themes 1
Download Cupcake Theme | Mirror

Cushy 1.2 Fixed Theme

One of my favorite themes on this list is this fully transparent Aero theme with new back/forward buttons

Cushy 1.2 Windows 7 Aero Themes 1
Download Cushy 1.2 Fixed | Mirror

Sonic and Friends Theme

A rather special theme for Sonic fans who want to customize their Windows 7 PC with something that not every Sonic fan has:

Sonic and Friends Windows 7 Aero Themes 1
Download Sonic and Friends Theme

Light Emerald Theme for Windows 7

A very beautiful Aero theme is this Emerald theme. A greyish theme with very elegant caption buttons. I think this would work great together with XLefty that will move your caption buttons to the left.

Emerald Windows 7 Themes 1
Download Light Emerald Theme | Mirror

iFluxy 2 Theme for Windows 7

A very special transparent glass theme for Windows 7 is iFluxyii. In the preview below it looks like the taskbar buttons are centered. To achieve this, you can apply a really simple trick: Create an empty toolbar and make it so large that it will center your taskbar icons. If you need some more intructions, a tutorial will follow shortly.

iFluxy 2 Themes 1
Download iFluxyii | Mirror

Maverick Ubuntu Theme for Windows 7

One of my favorite custom Windows 7 themes is this Maverick theme! If you like Ubuntu, you will love this theme. It’s a 1:1 copy of the Maverick Ubuntu UI. Only works with Aero enabled.

Ubuntu Theme for Windows 7
Download Maverick Theme | Mirror

Max Visual Style

Another beautiful visual style for Mac lovers. It doesn’t come as close to a Mac as our Windows 7 Mac theme (at the very top), but it’s a very nice theme nontheless.

Max Visual Style Inspired by Mac Theme
Download Max Visual Style | Mirror

Minimal Taste for Windows 7

A rather simple theme with new caption buttons.

Minimal Taste Aero Themes 1
Download Minimal Taste | Mirror

Office 2010 vs RC

Yet another glassy Windows 7 theme but with Office-like window frames (rectangle, the corners are not round as they are by default). Includes a full installation guide. It works on both Windows 7 32-bit and Windows 7 64-bit. Includes some animated shellstyles.

Office 2010 Windows 7 Themes
Download Office 2010 Theme | Mirror

Plastic Pulse for Windows 7

Yet another Mac-like theme. I’m not so satisfied with the caption buttons, but a good try:

Plastic Windows 7 Theme
Download Plastic Pulse Visual Style | Mirror

Pure Windows Beta 2

Pure Windows is a really hot theme. If you want a beautiful glossy Windows 7 Aero theme, try this one. It also modifies the look of the taskbar icons. If you are tired of the very large taskbar icon borders, get rid of them!

Pure Windows 7
Download Pure Windows Beta | Mirror


Wow! A beautiful theme. Very minimalistic glossy theme with some pretty decent caption buttons. Very good work. The taskbar icons are also pretty cool.

Relaxful Theme
Download Relax VS | Mirror

Shine 2.0

Shine 2.0 is another visual style that will modify the glow effect of the caption buttons and the window frames. I’m loving it.

Shiny Glossy Theme
Download Shine 2.0 | Mirror

Silica Glass Visual Style

If you like customizing Windows 7, you have to try out this visual style for Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit. Silica has some really fresh new taskbar icons, captions buttons. Modifies almost the entire shell. I like the thin window bars. Very elegant work!

Silica Glass Theme for Windows 7
Download Silica Glass | Mirror

Styllit Theme Based on Reddit Design

Reddit fans pay attention! This is a beautiful theme inspired by the design. If you want to customize Windows 7, but want to crate your own custom Windows 7 themes, you should consider starting with this basic theme.

Reddit Theme for Windows 7
Download Styllit | Mirror

Vista Theme for Windows 7

You like the Windows Vista UI? How about using this Windows Vista Theme for Windows 7? Looks great, works and makes you want to go back to Vista .. well better not ;)

Vista Windows 7 Theme
Download Vista VS | Mirror

Download Wave VS

Oi! A beautiful Visual style for Windows 7 is this Wave theme. I definitely like the caption buttons. The back/forward buttons are inspired by the Mac theme. Thin window frames, not as round as the default UI. Good!

Aero Wave Theme
Download Wave VS | Mirror

Pure Visual Style

The Pure Visual Style for Windows 7 is a really awesome Aero theme. A complete revamp of the Explorer makes this one of the best light Windows 7 themes.
Pure Visual Style
Download Pure VS | Mirror

Windows 7 Alternative

Looking for alternatives to the default Windows 7 themes? Try this light-dark theme. A pitch-black navigation bar always works great.

Windows 7 Alternative Themes
Download Windows 7 Alternative | Mirror

Elune Theme

Elune is another beauty. Oh boy! This theme will completely alter the look and feel of Windows 7. If you want a very fine elegant Windows 7 theme and you are bored of your default Windows 7 Aero themes, try this one!

Elune Windows 7 Visual Styles
Download Elune | Mirror

Exige Theme

Last, but not least is a rather static theme with bluish colors and a very small start button. If you like grey/blue tones, try this:

Exige Theme
Download Exige Theme | Mirror

Installing Shell Themes in Windows 7

Installing Windows 7 Themes

If you are new to Windows 7 shell themes, check out our Windows 7 tutorials and read this tutorial that explains how to install Windows 7 shell themes properly.

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