Top 10 Minimalist Windows 7 Themes (Snow Leopard + Aero)

Top 10 Minimalistic Windows 7 Themes_ll Are you a minimalist or you simply like simplicity? Then here’s an updated list of the top 10 minimalistic styles, some of them are clearly inspired by “Snow Leopard” (Mac OS X), Aero and IE9. Keep it simple stupid. Cheers!

1. Minimalistic Caesar mod by dpcdpc11 UPdate8

A simple minimalistic Windows 7 themes inspired by Mac OS X “Snow Leopard”. With black borders and black taskbar preview thumbnails. One of the top 10 minimalistic Windows 7 themes out there.
Download Caesar | Mirror

2. iMod Inspirat CustoPack – Another Snow Leopard Windows 7 Theme

iMod Inspirat CustoPack is yet another Windows 7 theme inspired by Mac OS X “Snow Leopard”. This does not include the original Mac taskbar, but it’s quite a nice Windows 7 theme.
Download Inspirat | Mirror

3. Modern Minimalistic Windows 7 Theme Inspired By IE10

If you like the modern interface of Internet Explorer 9 and 10, you will surely like this shell theme with very similar design features. Worth a shot if you ask me, although the caption buttons should get a revamp.

Download Modern | Mirror

4. 7clean V.1.1.1 – Top Minimalistic Windows 7 Themes

7clean. One of the top 10 minimalistic Windows 7 themes. I very much like this innovative theme. Quite honestly, I’m a bit bored of the poor Mac OS X ports and would rather want to see something new. If you need a new shell theme to customize Windows 7, give 7clean a try.

Download Clean | Mirror

5. Light Minimalistic Theme With Nice Caption Buttons: Day Line Beta 2

Day Line is a light simple minimal yet stylish theme. Small caption buttons and shell elements. A rather special taskbar and Start orb and a no rounded edges. Perfect minimalistic theme for Windows 7 if you ask me.

Day Line
Download Day Line | Mirror

6. Celestica Beta Theme for Windows 7 (Two Versions)

This includes only the most basic: Two visual styles, one for top taskbar and one for bottom taskbar (Side taskbar NOT supported)

Innovative theme with nice caption buttons, nice Start orb, innovative taskbar. One of the top 10 minimalistic Windows 7 themes for sure. Keep it simple, stupid! Nice work.

Download Celestica | Mirror

7. LiteBlue Casar7 – Yet Another Snow Leopard Windows 7 Theme

A new style of Casar for Windows 7 (LiteBlue Casar7). Yep, yet another Mac OS X Snow Leopard theme.

Blue Casar
Download Blue Casar | Mirror

8. Pical 2.0 – Minimalistic Theme With A Great Twist

Pical 2.0 is another very innoative minimalistic Windows 7 theme. The caption buttons are rather outdated by now, but the taskbar is very cool. Nice theme for customizer who know how to easily change the caption buttons. If you don’t know how to change the captions buttons in Windows 7 yet, I’ll make sure to post a tutorial about it as soon as I have more time for this again.

Pical Theme
Download Pical | Mirror

9. Ice Visual Style Beta: Perfect For Advanced Windows 7 Customizers

Cool Theme for Windows 7 that should turn your desktop into a refreshing cold, icy experience. Great idea, nice shell elements. If you know how to change the Start orb, this theme is perfect for customizers.

Ice VS Beta
Download Ice Vs Beta | Mirror

10. Top Minimalistic Themes: Simplicity Version 1.5 for Windows 7

Simplicity is one of my favorite minimalistic Windows  7 themes. Oh and the desktop wallpaper speaks the truth: Simplicity is the essence of happiness. Think about it. Minimalists don’t have to think about 1000 things at a time – it simply get’s too confusing if you don’t keep it simple and I personally hate information overload as much as I hate a warm beer. Cheers!

Download Simplicity | Mirror

We’ll be on the lookout for more minimalistic Windows 7 themes. If you know of any good minimalistic themes, please post a link to the site below.

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Published: Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013 Last Modified: July 23, 2013

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