Tony Bates High On Silicon Valley List For Microsoft CEO

In an article on Friday, the name of Tony Bates came to the forefront for those looking to replace Steve Ballmer as the next Microsoft CEO. The name of Tony Bates was on many shortlists passed around the tech world, but many are thinking he might be the main choice by the Microsoft board.

In choosing Tony Bates as a possible new CEO for Microsoft, the board would be getting one of the leading CEO’s who has managed a large multinational corporation to success. The names of Alan Mulally and Satya Nadella have been favorites as of late, but maybe Tony Bates is the choice.

Should Tony Bates Be The Next Microsoft CEO?

Why Tony Bates?

Tony Bates who is a major leader within Microsoft currently, has a very strong technical leadership resume in his profile for the Microsoft board to review. He started as an executive at Cisco where he managed over 12,000 workers around the globe, where he lead a very technical team to deliver products around the globe to the masses.

From Cisco, Tony Bates moved onto Skype where he lead that company to become a leader in the communications world. He truly understands mobile technology, and built Skype from a smaller communications company, to something that Microsoft currently uses in all of its devices, including the recent launch of the Xbox One, a huge future money maker for Microsoft.


Why Tony Bates May Not Work At Microsoft’s CEO Role

For as many accomplishments that Tony Bates has in his illustrious career, he has many question marks surrounding him as well, and for a public company the size of Microsoft, that can be daunting. He hasn’t led a company in the CEO role, as far as a public company goes, and that is a major concern. With the market cap of Microsoft, the board needs a forward facing person for that.

Questions about his friendly tone to the Silicon Valley press and social scene is a concern as well. Since the Skype acquisition in 2011, he has led a behind the scenes role at Microsoft as well. Others like Satya Nadella have led the Azure rollout where the future of Microsoft lays. A concern of him being a Microsoft outsider without the close ties to Ballmer and Gates also concerns some.

I like Tony Bates as a choice for the next CEO at Microsoft. It will be up to the board of course at Microsoft, but Tony Bates as second in charge or even CEO would be nice.

Published: Sunday, December 1st, 2013 Last Modified: December 1, 2013

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