Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Set For Next Gen Release

One of the most beloved series of all time, Tomb Raider, was given a much-needed reboot last year and is now out soon for the next generation.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Set For January Release

Everybody’s favourite video game girl, Lara Croft, did not take long at all to hit the next generation of consoles.

After a few of turbelant years, we finally got to see Tomb Raider back at its best with a fantastic release last year which was one of the best games of 2013.


If for some reason you ignored or missed the adventure there is now an opportunity to experience it for the first time, on both the Xbox one and the PlayStation 4.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition More Than Just “Facelift”

Last year’s release took the series to new heights and proved to be a fantastic origins story, providing gamers with a great backround for how Lara Croft became an accomplished treasure hunter. It was such a successful release that soon after there was a follow-up sequel put into development.

This is not the sequel and represents technically a reboot of a reboot but Crystal Dynamics believe the game is much more “than just a facelift”.


They have confirmed the game has been pretty much rebuilt and will feature entirely new textures and lighting along with new maps, weapons and characters than last year’s release.

New Generation Features Used In Tomb Raider

Some of the oft forgotten new features of the next generation consoles are also set to be used. For example, when you use Laura’s torch in game your PlayStation 4 controller will light up. You will also be able to relay voice commands in game with both next generation consoles.

Along with these added features there are also digital copies of comics and art books added to the package, which is great news for comic fans. This will include Dark Horse’s Tomb Raider: The Beginning, the Brady Games’ art book Tomb Raider: The Art of Survival, and Zachary Levi’s documentary series The Final Hours of Tomb Raider.


All this of course will be running in native 1080p and you will be able to check it out yourself when the game is released at the end of January.

Published: Friday, January 10th, 2014 Last Modified: January 10, 2014

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