TitanFall promises to take First Person Shooters to the next level

The team behind Xbox One exclusive TitanFall have revealed the reason for making the game was to expand the boundaries of FPS action.

TitanFall to bring single-player moments to multiplayer mayhem

Respawn Entertainment, originally behind a little known game called Call of Duty, have revealed that TitanFall will be a multiplayer dedicated game but aims to incorporate some signature single player elements.

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The mech based shooter plays off a little and large dynamic using the titan and pilot roles with the titan powerful and big while being less agile and the pilot, quick and nimble but obviously more vulnerable.

Vince Zampella General Manager, states that they have struck the perfect balance between the two in what promises to be a dynamic twist to standard shooter affair.

“It David vs Goliath….and David can win!”

TitanFall is going to be exclusive to Xbox

TitanFall is an Xbox exclusive and when pressed, Zampella says it was because the team wanted to focus down on the action and gameplay so stuck to one platform.


“It was really about focus. We don’t hate the Playstation but we really wanted to focus on one platform so we could get the gameplay right”

The game is also promising to tap into Xbox One expanded server power that allows games to use dedicated servers in remote locations.

Fast gameplay and great graphics as TitanFall set to usher in a new era of First Person Shooters

It was really only in the last generation did we see First Person Shooter action get perfected for consoles with the incredibly successful Halo and Call of Duty series leading the way.

So TitanFall has all the groundwork in place to get off to a good start. The development team know what gamers like and what they don’t and they are promising plenty of action packed multiplayer mayhem.

At E3, the game impressed everyone with its silky smooth graphics and gameplay along with some interesting and detailed environments. Despite being one shooter among many it seems to be the one that has grabbed most peoples imagination – especially those who love multiplayer.


The unique big vs small concept – well unique to FPS games – is likely to be one of the key features but the fact that this game is built from the ground up with multiplayer in mind might show where the genre is heading.

TitanFall to be released Spring 2014

We have no official release date yet but gamers can expect to see TitanFall hit the shelves by Spring 2014.

In the meantime you can wet your appetite by watching the action packed gameplay trailer below!

Published: Wednesday, June 19th, 2013 Last Modified: June 19, 2013

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