Time Warner TWC App Available on Xbox 360

Subscribers to Time Warner Cable, one of the largest cable companies in the United States, finally got their TV app on Xbox 360.

The launch of the TWC TV app wil allow users who subscribe to Time Warner Cable in the US, the ability to watch their TV stations on their Xbox 360 consoles. With Xbox being the leading selling console for the past 31 months and the fall TV season approaching, the timing of this app couldn’t be better.


Voice Enabled Entertainment Console

With the TWC TV App, the entertainment console can control TV stations with the voice. By utilizing the Kinect with the TWC TV App, TV watchers will be able to switch over to their favorite TV shows after a game of Halo, or schedule a recording of their favorite show with the sound of their voice.

TV Shows, Movies, Kids, News, Sports and More

Once users download the app from the Xbox Live marketplace, they will need to authorize the app. Once that is done, a full collection of movies, TV shows, kids programming, news shows, sports programs, and more will be available instantly to them. This should please users from 8-80, and make the Xbox 360 an even more desired item in the living room or bedroom.

Xbox Live Gold Required

This app is the latest in the launches by Microsoft to require the Xbox Live Gold membership to use it. With the free games and other premium apps, users wanting to access the top tier apps on the Xbox 360 will need to pay the $60/year for the service. But, Xbox and Microsoft are giving users a huge selection of services available for that price, and should make up for the cost for most users.

The launch of the TWC TV App for the Xbox 360 is big news, and is a top tier app for Xbox 360. With the Xbox One launching in November, the living room is quickly becoming a top landing spot for the Xbox line of consoles for most users.

Published: Wednesday, September 4th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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