Time Warner Cable Customers Cozy Up To Xbox 360

On Friday, Microsoft and Xbox 360 announced a partnership that both companies will improve the amount of content on the platform. Customers of Time Warner Cable will now be able to use the Xbox 360 in more amazing ways and it should make gamers happy as well.

With the announcement by Microsoft and Time Warner Cable, the integration of allowing Xbox Live Gold members to watch their cable via an application will make people happy. This combination of games and live tv is only the first step in the full rollout of Microsoft in the living room.
Xbox 360 and Time Warner Cable Announce TWC App on Xbox 360

New TWC App on the Xbox 360

This summer, users of the Xbox 360 will get their own TWC app that they can use to watch Time Warner Cable on their Xbox 360 units. They must be Xbox Live Gold subscribers, but it gives users the ability to watch live tv and their favorite programs without turning off the Xbox 360 unit and make it more seamless.

Part Of Xbox One Philosophy

The introduction of the Xbox 360 app from Time Warner Cable is the first step in making the living room the central hub for the Xbox. With the Xbox One by Microsoft focused so much on live TV via the HDMI overlay, it gives consumers more reasons to purchase the Xbox One or Xbox 360 in their living rooms.

Favorite Networks Included

On the TWC app for the Xbox 360, all of the big networks are included. Those are AMC, BBC World News, CNN, Cartoon Network, Food Network, HGTV, and more according to the press release. TWC TV is aimed to give consumers all the best Time Warner channels in their Xbox 360 units and make it easy.

Published: Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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