Third Party Apps Arrive Easily To Office 365

One of the more exciting things about Office 365 is the ability to add apps to Office 365 with ease via the Office 365 app launcher. It was a simple thing and users have used it often. On Friday, Microsoft updated this and was started an Office 365 store to give third party apps a way in.

The Office 365 Store will be rolling out to customers in waves, and will give third party developers ways into the Office 365 enterprise world. Applications can be loaded with a simple click, and will not require any admin configurations or additional sign ups to get the apps going.

Microsoft Creates Office 365 App Store

When and Where?

The Office 365 Store will be rolling out to Office 365 customers in the First Release Program according to Microsoft. The store will be available to users via the app launcher “waffle” in the top navigation bar, and will enable users to enter the special version of the Office 365 store in process.

The building Office 365 store will show the applications registered at the tenant level of the Office 365, and at the top of the page. These apps can be accessed in three clicks, and the promoted to the app launcher as well. They can additionally be unpinned as well, and should be great for Office 365 users.

Microsoft Shows Off Office Store For Office 365 Users

FAQ About Office 365 Store

There are a lot of questions about this store, and Microsoft answered some of them in their blog post. The release will occur towards the last week of June, and other customers should see them in July rolling out. A number of apps will appears, and those registered with the Azure Active Directory.

Users will be able to pay for them via the Office 365 credentials and a credit card, in the future. Group purchasing is something that Microsoft is looking at, and would be an interesting way for developers to launch apps in a bundle. Admins can also register these apps for their companies. For now, apps are free.

The Office 365 Store looks very interesting. It’s launching soon, and Office 365 gets more interesting by the day.

Published: Monday, June 29th, 2015 Last Modified: June 29, 2015

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