There’s A Fourth Upgrade Offer Available For Windows 8 At Just $14.99 (For Non-Students)

Theres A Fourth Upgrade Offer Available For Windows 8 At Just 14.99 (For Non-Students)

If you’re still waiting on an upgrade offer that doesn’t appeal to students, pay attention. Microsoft announced an upgrade offer that costs just $15 and is available to buyers of a Windows 7 PC.

I’d advise you get one of these upgrades offers if you have an inclination to upgrade to Windows 8 while it lasts

If you’re waiting for an offer to entice you to upgrade to Windows 8, then you may be in luck. For just $15, and the cost of PC, you can upgrade to Microsoft’s next-generation version of the operating system.

The upgrade is available for users buying PCs, with the upgrade itself running from June 2012 to January 2013. To qualify for the upgrade you’ll need the model number, date, and the location of the seller of PC.

The upgrade process is almost identical to buying Windows for the full price on October 26. The upgrade becomes available on the date alongside the Upgrade Assistant. Microsoft users to run the Upgrade Assistant to ensure compatibility with Windows 8. Finally, users will enter a code to get the discount.

The upgrade periods runs until January 31, 2013 if you’re buying a Windows 7 PC. Otherwise you have to February 28, 2013 to redeem your code.

Serious Value For Money

We reported on upgrade offers for students following a similar pricing model. It’s $14.99 for students buying a $699.99 PC and, providing ID and an e-mail address check out, you’ll be getting a free Xbox 360. However, non-students get a $100 gift card for Staples instead.

If this sounds like an offer appealing to you, then go ahead and get into the offer. The bigger question is whether you want to upgrade to Windows 8: we’ve spoken numerous times about the positives, from the new Modern UI to deep Xbox Live integration to the general performance improvements of the operating system. If you’re one who likes to be at the cutting edge of software, or an early adopter, then $15 really is a no-brainer come October 26.

Microsoft also announced buying Windows 8 outright will cost $69.99 for the Windows 8 Pro version, and then $199.99 in 2013. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Windows 8 launches October 26.

Published: Thursday, August 23rd, 2012 Last Modified: August 23, 2012

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