The Windows Insider Program

In introducing Windows 10, Microsoft is delivering the product in a way that it has never done before. It’s doing it via a preview trial program for enthusiasts, and its called the Windows Insider Program. This program is one that Windows 10 users should fine interesting if they are patient.

The Windows Insider Program as stated, is a first of its kind from Microsoft. Generally, the company would release a final product to users and that was it. With Windows 7 and Windows 8, it started to introduce a new way to test its software in masses, and thus with Windows 10 rolled out the Windows Insider Program.

Microsoft Shows Users Windows Insider Program For Windows 10

Windows Insider Program

Microsoft itself describes the Windows Insider Program as the program that will give users the latest Windows 10 preview builds as they become available. It’s a program geared to give users the latest and greatest from Microsoft, while at the same time allow them to test bugs and report them back to Microsoft.

Windows 10 became available on the Windows Insider Program the next day after the initial press and analyst show, and became available to anyone who had the computer and space to give it a try. It was released in a very rough preview, but gave users enough to try it out and see if they like it, and the initial feedback was positive.

Microsoft Launches Preview.Windows.Com As Part Of Windows 10 Insider Program

Windows 10 And Insider Process

The first thing that Windows 10 users should note if they try it out via the Windows Insider Program, is that its a rough process. These releases are early on, contain bugs, and are known to sometimes crash systems. It’s not a final release and not one that Microsoft in any way considers a final product.

Users though have tested it, and reported thousands of issues back to Microsoft, and has been a valiant success. It’s a program meant for those who love testing software, who live on the cutting edge, and who cannot wait to see what Windows 10 turns out to in the next year. It’s a exciting and interesting process for Windows 10, and one that users will try out in the millions, as long as they are patient for the testing process overall, and not rush things.

If you enjoy cutting edge software, the Insider Program is for you. It’s free, and worth a shot if you can manage bugs and testing on your own.

Published: Wednesday, November 5th, 2014 Last Modified: November 5, 2014

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