The Windows 8 Tablet PC vs an iPad Tablet

Industry experts predict a sharp increase in sold tablets and Windows 8 tablets might have the strongest overall growth.

Windows 8 Tablet vs iPad

A lot of industry experts are weighing in on the future of the tablet market post the Windows 8 launch. Now that users can look forward to having the same OS on their desktop and laptop, it is possible that the market penetration of Windows will help tablets rise above one tablet — the iPad.

Buying A Windows 8 Tablet vs Buying An iPad

So, as of right now most people buy an iPad simply because they have little or no other option. Some of the Android tablets are good but they have not been properly conceptualized for a proper slate/tablet experience.

The Windows 8 tablet experience on the other hand is quite the treat. It is a fresh look at touch-based user experience. The Metro UI itself is far more dynamic than the mostly static iOS UI. Furthermore, Windows 8 will have the advantage of multiplicity on its side. The iPad is just one tablet and it comes in some variations in capacities and features. Whereas Windows 8 will now put the tablet at the forefront, in various sizes, shapes and even colors!

Windows 8 Expected To Gain Market Share Fast In Mobile Space

Due to the unified approach of Windows 8, experts are predicting a fast growth and adoption curve for the new platform. People who have used Windows Phone 7 will already be familiar with the UI and it will be an easy learning curve for those who haven’t used on before. And furthermore, x86 based tablets will also have the familiar Windows Explorer based Desktop environment to fall back on, in addition to being able to use all the familiar applications from previous versions of Windows.

One small setback for ARM-based tablets is that Win32 apps have now become legacy and are not supported on anything other than x86. Which is still okay because ARM currently lacks the muscle power required for running some of the heavier apps like Photoshop.

Published: Monday, September 19th, 2011 Last Modified: October 30, 2011

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