The Walking Dead Episode 3 Felt Like A Stopgap

The Walking Dead Episode 3 Screen_thumb4Telltale Games’ third episode of The Walking Dead video game, called A Long Road Ahead, is available. I finished it last night and was slightly disinterested throughout.


Perhaps I was in a bad mood, but I didn’t really want more after the third episode of The Walking Dead finished

The Walking Dead Episode 3 Screen

I loved the first two episodes of The Walking Dead. I was playing an adventure game without the pixel-hunting. I also had the chance to make decisions that carried through the whole game, packaged into convincing dialogue and against the backdrop of a zombie epidemic. The third episode marks the middle point of the five-episode series and I didn’t feel the adrenaline or excitement of the earlier episodes.

I appreciate that the game will see dips in quality as the game’s quieter periods are needed to set up the finale. Indeed, A Long Road Ahead did have climactic moments: the end of the episode is genuinely freaky and unexpected. Telltale Games’ also does a good job reflecting protagonist Lee’s state of mind: he dreams of Clementine turning into a zombie, the girl he cared for from the first episode. However we weren’t under the threat of turning into pies and weren’t listening to Clementine’s parents hitting despair, and facing the possibility of one of her parents being a Walker.

Lacking Attachment

Episode 3 is about getting away from the quickly deteriorating Mall. The unofficial leader Lilly accuses a member of team of stealing rations; this escalates into accusations, a hostage situation, a firefight, before an escape from zombies and the angry bandits. You’re then spending a good chunk of the game fixing a train; in that time Kenny’s son Duck is shot before becoming a zombie, along with Kenny’s wife committing suicide. Towards the end you meet two survivors, ultimately dislodging a half-falling lorry to move the train. I didn’t kill many zombies and I didn’t feel a great attachment to the killed characters. I felt like this is the episode where I was putting the elements together for the final two episodes.

Though the quality is there; if you haven’t played The Walking Dead yet then you should for the second episode alone.

The Walking Dead is available on PC, Mac, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and iOS. Episode 4 arrives this month.

Published: Friday, September 14th, 2012 Last Modified: September 14, 2012

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