The Surface 3 Vs Surface Pro 3 Debate

As Microsoft unveiled the Surface 3 to retailers around the world, many on Wednesday started to wonder which Surface unit was right for customers. Microsoft went into more details about the different Surface units on a blog post, and gave customers and retailers ways to differ the units with customers.

The Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 have a lot in common, and they look a lot alike. But, with a starting point of $499, the Surface 3 will entice more Windows fans. But, professionals seeking a power tablet might now want a cheaper tablet, and might aim for the powerhouse that is the Surface Pro 3.

Microsoft's Surface 3 Goes Against Own Surface Pro 3

Surface 3 Vision

It’s pretty clear that Microsoft is courting the everyday or educational user for the Surface 3. By giving it a lower price of $499 to begin, it is courting users looking for an everyday tablet. With it being able to run any Windows program, it makes it a great bargain, and a lot more capable than the iPad.

The educational user is a big goal for Microsoft, as the Surface 3 can be a full computer versus the iPad and other similar tablets. The $499 cost is also aimed at businesses who can buy it in bulk, hand it out to sales personnel, and more. It also can give the average consumer a great tablet for the price as well.

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 Battles New Surface 3

Surface Pro 3 Over Surface 3?

Many this week are wondering about the future of the Surface Pro 3 though with the Surface 3 launch. It’s pretty clear that the Surface Pro 3 is for the professional user, and one that is looking to run almost any professional program on it. This could include Adobe, CAD Software, and anything else requiring power.

The Surface Pro 3 is a more powerful device with a lot more power under the hood, and is meant for those who want a desktop replacement. It has a more powerful Intel based processor, has faster RAM, and a larger SSD drive. It is also priced higher, making it more of a professional device than the other Surface.

Microsoft now has two Surface devices. The Surface 3 is a great entry device, while the SP 3 is a powerhouse for all.

Published: Saturday, May 9th, 2015 Last Modified: May 9, 2015

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