The Second Guild Wars 2 Weekend Beta Begins in 10 Days

Guild Wars 2 Second Beta Weekend

It looks like ArenaNet managed to install the additional servers pretty quickly and a second Guild Wars 2 beta weekend is about to start.

We’re taking another collective step towards the full Guild Wars 2 release, with the second weekend beta event

When ArenaNet posted on its blog that additional servers were being installed and the next Beta Weekend Event for Guild Wars 2 would follow the installation, many fans were beginning to complain about being swindled of money. It’s time to calm down, though: the second weekend beta begins on June 8.

That means you have ten days, as of writing, to wait. The events run from Friday, June 8 until the Sunday – June 10. With the added servers, we shouldn’t get downtime shortly after the beta goes live. Though to be fair, ArenaNet did fix the game in around 30 minutes with no issues thereafter.

Characters Staying, Improvements Detailed

Beta characters from the first weekend continue to exist, the developer confirmed, which is a relief to players as we didn’t want to start over every time a weekend event started. Once you’re past the point of trying out the different classes, you want to be making some progress. Though that doesn’t mean I want to get to level 35 and ruin as much content as possible like others. I don’t really get why you’d do that; then again, I’m hardly a hardcore MMO player.

ArenaNet said feedback is helping the game to move along, which was already in a pretty good state during the first event. Aside from some balance issues, and some Dynamic Events being too hard to solo, the game was fun. Hopefully with each beta weekend less improvements are needed, meaning we’ll get closer to the full game. Specific improvements mentioned included server stability (no surprise), performance (the game was CPU-only in the first beta weekend) and moving parties into overflow servers (which were empty in my experience). Overflow servers are where players go when regular areas are full, still able to play the game instead of queuing.

Pre-purchasing the game is still an option, which I advised because the regular edition sold out as we got close to the first weekend. The developers also said it’s giving out keys on its Facebook and Twitter feed, so there’s always that. ArenaNet didn’t reveal a release date.

Published: Wednesday, May 30th, 2012 Last Modified: May 30, 2012

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