The Problem With OUYA Is That It Doesn’t Need The Funding

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The open source gaming console that was effectively available for pre-orders via Kickstaret, called OUYA, raised over $4 million. However, the project goes against what Kickstarter originally stood for.

$99 for a gaming console? Sweet, where do I sign up? On Kickstarter, but here’s why you shouldn’t

Kickstarter is great: it’s a tool for developers who need moneyt o staty a project to effectively allow the public the veto said project, and offer them cool rewards scaled to the amount of money donated. When Double Fine launched its Double Fine Adventure project, the studio needed money from fans because publishers wouldn’t back an adventure title. OUYS, an open source, Android-based gaming console, doesn’t have that problem so why were the people behind the Kickstarter heading to Kickstarter?

To gain publicity? Perhaps. But the studio isn’t made up of a group of friends who developed the console as hobby: these are real professionals with experience in the video game industry, with people who have worked on commercially successful project, and considering a prototype exists they’re obviously a way into development. If you watch the Kickstarter pledge video, there’s an office of people working (presumably) on the console. These people are being paid, so there’s money coming from somewhere. And it didn’t look like they were struggling for cash, either.

I Can Get Games For Free? Sweet!

The studio could have probably ghaine money throught he traiditonal sense, and when the devlopers came out after rising m,illion fo dollars saying they’re going to look for the traiditonal funding despite the truckload of cash? Come on, that’s not right. You should be able to develop the console with the moneyr aised, otherwise something is seriously flawed with the business model.

Talking fo business models, the console is open source and running Android. That means its hackable, and thast means games are going to be available – illegally – for free. Since Android can easily be rooted to get games for free, where’s the business model? What are games going to be priced? An open source console, whether OUYA or by Valve or another company, is a great idea but basing the console on Android isn’t. Valve’s Steam Box was going to allow other services, such as EA’s Origin, on the console..

Published: Thursday, July 19th, 2012 Last Modified: July 19, 2012

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