The New Windows Logo For Windows 8: Why Everyone’s Talking About It

New Windows 8 Logo_thumb.jpg 1Major changes from big brands usually have a polarizing effect on their followers and that is what has divided Windows followers and watchers in to people who either hate the new logo or think it is absolutely brilliant.

Why Microsoft Changed Such A Well Known And Loved Logo

Well, let’s face it — you place the old colorful slightly 3D logo and the new monochrome and flat logo side by side and you can easily predict what will catch the eye first. Internet watchdogs are foul over Microsoft’s decision to change the colorful Windows logo, the logo that basically ties Microsoft’s visual identity together with its presence across multiple Microsoft products. Those who hate it are claiming that this will be a big mistake and it will ruin a brand image that Microsoft has taken decades to build. And those who love it, actually agree with this reasoning.

According to the supporters of this change, Microsoft is trying to differentiate itself from its legacy on purpose. This is not another Vista scale faux pas as many are calling it to be. Instead this is a conscious decision that sends out one solid message to the entire PC consumer base — this is nothing like what you have been using all along. Windows 8, for better or for worse, is a completely new world with new rules and new perks. This break in terms of branding is thus intended to shake up both loyal followers and those who turn their noses up at it (yes, Mac users, we are looking at you).

Microsoft seems to be one a fresh start here, one that can go in absolutely any direction. But at least this way it won’t be because of consumer perception being skewed what has been in the past. This is to force the customers to see Windows 8 as a brand new system. Now whether it works on or not is what we will find out over the next one year.

Published: Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012 Last Modified: February 22, 2012

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