The Last Guardian? It’s In Development

The Last Guardian Wallpaper Themes Team ICO may be gone, but for The Last Guardian it’s business as usual.

Remember how emotionally attached you were to The Last Guardian? Well, it’s head it’s tugging at your emotions again

We loved The Last Guardian because it made us, almost, cry and we couldn’t wait for it to release. Fumito Ueda, the head of the game and formerly Team ICO, said nothing’s changed in development of the title.

Unless business as usual – his words – mean that the game is perennially stuck in development. Ueda is consulting on the game since leaving Sony, and said along with the game being in development that the only change has been the terms of his contract. What a tease.

Kotaku asked where the game was in development, but Ueda didn’t say. That’s not exactly the reassuring answer fans want, because if the game is still in development then why can’t a vague development timeline be given? The amount of secrecy around the game is confusing to the point where it’s off-putting.

Who knows when it’ll release. I wouldn’t bet next year, so we’re looking at 2014 and the Orbis PlayStation console. It would be a strong next-gen launch title, though perhaps not to the mainstream audience, and the engine used in the PS3 trailer can only look better on the Orbis. It seems like Sony is totally willing to let the game release whenever it’s ready, which to meet sounds like they’re not investing into the project.

The Ups-And-Downs – More To Come?

The Last Guardian has been involved in many peak and troughs during its development cycle: Sony said the game will be talked about when it’s absolutely ready, citing the game is for gamers, while the executive producer left and it (unsurprisingly) was rumored to be cancelled. That doesn’t seem to be true, but that’s hardly any comfort.

The Last Guardian is like Half-Life 3: how much do I actually care? This isn’t Diablo 3, where the game has been in development and wasn’t announced until a while after Diablo 2. Am I going to buy Half-Life 3? Maybe. Will I buy it on launch? I don’t know.

As Shigeru Miyamoto once said, a late game isn’t late when it’s released. A bad game is bad for the rest of time. Here’s hoping.

Published: Saturday, June 23rd, 2012 Last Modified: March 24, 2015

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