The Influence Of Windows 8: Myspace Redesign Draws Inspiration From Modern UI

Ll_myspace Redesign Social Network Modern Ui 150Px Myspace’s irrelevancy isn’t something it wants to accept even if Facebook is firmly the dominant social network.

The service is going under another redesign, moving away from the music-centric focused of the previous redesign.

Modern UI seems to be having an influence on Myspace’s impressive new look

Apart from the fact that Myspace searches for Facebook friends on Myspace, the redesign focuses on users. On the left is the profile picture; underneath it are options for Profile, Mixes, and Photos. Inbetween it and the right-hand column is effectively a wallpaper. The right-hand column has a small bio and a user’s Top 8 friends. Controls for music playback are at the bottom.

Then the radical change: swiping to the right sees photos and notifications from the most recent to oldest. The design is a little overwhelming initially photos, music, and status updates are presented nicely; Connects, Comments, and Share can be seen. It looks better than previous designs anyway.

The video (below) then shows the Latest tabs. Showing, well, the latest music from a user, seemingly a photo gallery accompanied with music. Click on thumbnail images shows the tracklist and a description. Also, photos can be viewed by moving to the right.

Connections is basically the friends list, though it again focuses on images. The video moves to the myspace button in the lower left-hand. Clicking myspace seems to aggregate content from the users you’re connected to.

Fresh, Impressing, And About The Best Myspace Can Do

Discover, also on the bottom row, feeds content to users from music playlists to interviews, all accompanied with images.

The Songs tab has three sub-menus: Emerging, High Rotation, and Genres. High Rotation feeds song to users and allows songs to be dragged and dropped into a pop-up music player. Events on the left-hand sidebar, looking persistent across new myspace, shows concerts from artists across the world. That’s useful if you’re not a person always searching Ticketmaster or signed up to a fan website to know of an upcoming gig.

On the persistent bottom bar is a search icon. In the video Justin Timberlake is the search query; Artists, Albums, People, Mixes, Videos, and Songs appear. Clicking to Artists result takes users to the person’s profile, showing the aformentioned content as it would your profile.


Published: Wednesday, September 26th, 2012 Last Modified: September 26, 2012

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